All flat roofs take some consideration in knowing the proper covering to create a lasting surface. In some cases, polyurethane can be the best option. It is a liquid membrane that is installed in the form of a spray foam. Because there are no seams, no water can get under this coating and form hazardous damage to the roof. It is always difficult to find a material for flat roofing that is durable and inexpensive, while still maintaining the integrity of the roof. Polyurethane is a great option to do all of those things. It is also a great option for roofs that have complex shapes or external utilities or vents on the surface. The less water that can get under it the better, and with no gaps the roof will certainly stay dry even over time.


One of the most beneficial parts of using polyurethane as a roof covering is the durability. Exposure to UV radiation, weather changes, and pollution are no match for this roof. Even over time, it will hold up to extreme weather conditions flawlessly. Pooling water can be a thing of the past. Since it is sprayed on to install, it can be made a tiny bit thicker it lower areas where pooling would occur. The ability to add more thickness can also be used to create a slope towards a drain. That will cause any additional water that would accumulate to run off and into a drain. Because it is so lightweight, adding thickness to certain parts is never a structural issue.


Polyurethane has many pros, from the ease of application and maintenance to the durability and versatility. It is always important to work with an expert though, to make sure the job is done right. TALENT CONSTRUCTION has experience installing and repairing polyurethane roofing systems, and can make this and any job easier on you. Give us a call today!