When thinking of a tile roof, the mind most often wanders to the Spanish-style roofing that is seen in the Southwest. Fortunately, that style also looks great on homes and businesses all over the United States. Tile roofing can be made from either clay or concrete tiles. They require very low maintenance and have a long life. In fact, tile roofs can last more than 5o years if installed properly. Because of the versatility of color choices, tile roofs look great on a variety of different style buildings. The colors can be mixed to fit the expectations of even the most discerning taste.


When working with tile roofing it is important to work with an expert. Since it is such a heavy material, tile roofing can only go on structures that can support the weight. Working with an expert means that we know how to install it properly, saving you time and money. We understand the materials, and will pass that information on to you so you have the knowledge needed to get the best products for your roofing needs. We also will work with you to ensure the end result is everything you expected. Call TALENT CONSTRUCTION today for more information on tile roofing.