Thermo-Plastic Olephine, or more commonly TPO, is relatively new to the roofing market. It was created to be a product that was better than EDPM Rubber roofing, yet cheaper than PVC. TPO is installed using a hot air welder, which creates bonding at the seams that will not be penetrated by water. Due to its relatively low investment cost, TPO is used in place of PVC to create the same look and presentation.


There are some huge benefits to using TPO roofing. For starters, it can cover even the largest roofs with ease and lightweight durability. That durability comes from the flexible properties of TPO, which remain even after the roof has begun to age. The ease of repair is another benefit to this roofing option. In most cases, the area that is a problem can be cut out and a new piece welded in easily. That means that small jobs do not necessarily lead to a full roof replacement. Even better is that TPO is resistant to water pooling and will keep that water from getting under it and destroying everything underneath. For those people who are energy and environmentally conscience, this roofing option is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and heat reflective to save on energy costs. All of these factors lead to a great roofing material that can be the right option for you.


There is one very important thing to note about TPO. It is very important that you work with an expert when discussing this option. Because there are so many different products, and not all of them are created equally, knowing exactly what you are getting is extremely important. If the job is t done right from the beginning there will be less cost in repairs and replacements in the future. If it is done with inferior materials or installation practices, TPO can create more problems down the line. If you decide TPO is a good option for you, give us a call. We only use quality materials to ensure our customers receive the best possible roof for the money.